May 13

Endangered Species Day

Posted 4 months ago by Noodoll

Friday 17th May is Endangered Species Day, and to help raise awareness we’re running a week-long promotion to treat you guys when you donate to save the animals!

Did u see the news? The latest UN report has found that one million species are at risk of extinction. That really scares us!

But at Noodoll we are firm believers that even the tiniest acts can make a big difference. That’s why if you donate to any animal conservation charity this week, we’ll give you 20% off any of our endangered Ricemonsters.

Every donation helps – we’re asking you donate a minimum of £5. Just send us a picture on Instagram or by email to prove your donation and we’ll send you the special code.

Most of our Ricemonsters take inspiration from real-life animals. These are the ones currently rated Endangered or Critically Endangered, according to IUCN:

Riceoops and Riceouch the cacti 

Riceoohooh, Riceaahaah and Ricecoco the monkies

Riceslow and Riceless the sloths

Ricekating the penguin

Ricecharming the frog

Terms and Conditions:

  • In order to receive a discount code, the minimum donation is £5
  • Each donation will be exchanged for one single-use discount code only
  • The discount code is valid on one of the following Plush Toys: Riceoops, Riceouch, Riceoohooh, Riceaahaah, Ricecoco, Riceslow, Riceless, Ricekating, Ricecharming
  • This promotion will run from 12/05/2019 until 19/05/2019