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DIY Noodoll Theatre

Posted 11 months ago by Noodoll

This weekend Ricetache is directing his first play at the Ricetown Theatre. You can join in the fun and learn to make your own DIY Noodoll theatre using the box that we use to ship our toys, it’s a great way to recycle!

You can download your free template here and follow the instructions below to make your own Noodoll Theatre!

 DIY Noodoll Theatre

Step 1: For this project you will need: a Noodoll shipping box, a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a pencil, some tape and glue and some skewers. You will also need to print the different templates on white paper, make sure that  you print in real size, not ‘fit to page’.

Step 2: Start by cutting out all the different elements: the characters, the props, background etc.

Step 3: Place the yellow rectangle shape on the top of your box and mark the inside using a pencil.  You then need to cut the inside of the rectangle out using a craft knife.

Step 4: Turn you box to the side and trace the Ricecracker shape (make sure that you do this on the side of the box that does not have a flap to open)

DIY Noodoll Theatre

Step 5: Now using a ruler, mark a line on the other 3 sides, leave a 1-2cm edge along the side.

Step 6: Cut out the inside of the shape that you have marked using your kraft knife.

Step 7: Apply glue to the Ricecracker shape and the front of your box.

Step 8: Now, you can glue the printed Ricecracker shape and rectangle to cover the front of your box theatre.

DIY Noodoll Theatre

Step 9: Glue the background onto the back of your box, make sure it’s the right way around!

Step 10: Now you can fold the flat on your props and apply some glue to them.

Step 11: Then simply place the props where you want them!

Step 12: Write the title of your show on the paper provided.

DIY Noodoll Theatre

Step 13: Now glue it on one side of the box.

Step 14: You can glue the ticket office to the other side!

Step 15: To make your actors, simply stick a skewer to the back of each character using some tape.

Step 16: Enjoy your DIY Noodoll theatre!

Fun tip: You can make your own props, background and characters to make a different play!

We love to see you have fun with our DIY projects, so please share your images with us by tagging them with #noodoll on Instagram or Facebook!