May 30

Bookmark Character Top 10

Posted 4 months ago by Noodoll

Noodoll bookmark cards are super sweet – the perfect gift for anybody, old or young! Each card includes a sweet little pop-out bookmark character for you (or whichever lucky friend you’re sending the card to) to keep hold of and use again and again.

Here are our top 10 things to do with the little friend:

So what will you choose to do with yours? Everyone knows Ricebamboo makes a perfect page-holder, but you can pop them almost anywhere and to add an instant dose of cute-ness!

Tape a cocktail stick to the back to create a cake-topper! Mmmm…

They also fit snuggly over the side of most mugs – and Ricebamboo would be more than happy to hold on to your teabags for you whilst they brew.

They make super cute decorations too – pop your Ricebamboo bookmark in a houseplant, poking out of your shirt pocket, inside your phone case, or use them as a sweet hair accessory!

Why not use them as a memo-holder? Tape Ricebamboo somewhere handy and you can slip little notes inside their paws! And, when you’re all done, re-gift them to spread the Noodoll love. You can easily make a new card home and slot your bookmark character in – it’s bound to make someone’s day!

Check out our website to browse the whole range of Bookmark Cards – there’s a load to choose from!

We love hearing your ideas, especially with DIY projects like these!

What do you do with your bookmark character? Email us or drop us a message on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter to let us know!