May 26
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DIY Sleepy Baby Mobile

Posted 1 year ago by Noodoll

Make your own baby mobile with this super simple free printable activity, featuring a cast of sweet and sleepy Ricemonsters. Find the instructions and the printable template below!

There are a lot of sleepy monsters in Ricetown, Ricesnooze the fluffy cloud, Ricelune the blue moon, and the two sheep Ricemere and Ricewool. Let these Ricemonsters guide you and your little one to sleep with this sweet baby mobile.

To make the baby mobile, download the this printable template and follow the instructions below!

DIY baby mobile blog

1. You will need: the printed templates, some glue, some in the colour of your choice, a pair of scissors, some glue and a needle.

2. Cut out all of the designs on the paper along the dotted lines

3. Put the small cut outs to one side.

DIY baby mobile blog

4. Apply glue to each of the cloud shapes on the non-printed side.

5. Glue the two pieces together, making sure that they are the right way around!

6. Using your needle and a soft piece of cardboard underneath, make a hole on the top of the cloud and along the bottom where indicated.

DIY baby mobile blog

7. Cut the string using your scissors at a length of about 20cm (depending on how far down you want it to hang).

8. Attach your string to the top of the cloud.

9. Now attach string to the bottom of the cloud and place one side of the small shapes where you want them.

DIY baby mobile blog

10. Apply glue to the shape.

11. Glue the second half of the shape making sure that they match.

12. Repeat with all the small hanging shapes.

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